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  • Certificate, since 2015 (Certificate) - Oluwole Shodipo James , Head of the Department.
  • Diploma, since 2015 (Diploma)
  • Advanced Diploma, since 2015 (Advanced Diploma)
  • Test Department, since 2016 (Certificate)
 About Us

Unilag Consultancy Services was established by the Governing Council of University of Lagos in July 1983 and was registered under the Business Names Act o 1961 with registration number 459866. It is owned 100% by the University of Lagos.

The mission and mandate of Unilag Consult are: To ensure full participation of the University in the national development efforts.

To make available to the larger community, the professional and technical expertise of members of staff of the University.

To provide an enhanced opportunity for staff and students to put theory into practice, thereby acquiring experience in practical problems-solving which can be transferred to teaching and curriculum development.

In line with its mission and mandate, Unilag Consult has been privileged to render consultancy services to several local, national and international organisations in the area of applied and action-oriented/need-driven research projects as well as skill development programmes.

Our main focus in Unilag Consult has always been on rendering innovative R & D Consultancy Services to:
Enhance the productive capacity of government at all levels, private sector, groups and individuals;
Provide scientific, technical and technological solutions to national and community development problems.
Provide strategic and management support through capacity – building programmes, to enhance decision making in public and private sectors
Identify major national sustainable development problems with a view to designing, social, economic, industrial, engineering, environmental, science and technological research needed to address them.

Unilag Consult has a unique assemblage of professionally and academically qualified and competent hands to provide adequate technical services in any sector of the economy. It has at its disposal a pool of over 2000 highly skilled resource persons, consultants and technical support staff both within and outside the university. By its status, in addition to its own in-house facilities, Unilag Consult also has direct access to all available faculty facilities within the University. With in-situ availability of experts in various fields, Unilag Consult is not only able to offer comprehensive, flexible and well coordinated consultancy services but it also has the capability and capacity to put together, in a timely manner, a multi-disciplinary team to meet all the specified requirements for providing an effective technical support.



 Contact Us
Unilag Consult Bullding, Commercial/Ransome Kuti Road , Univeristy of Lagos
Akoka -Yaba Lagos
23401 - Lagos
 Contact number

234 - 8021223344
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