Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Will my school have its own homepage on School Gate?
A1 Your school will have a homepage with the school logo, with contact information, a brief description of the school, information about courses offered by the school.

Q2 Will there be forum and blogs on my school's homepage on School Gate?
A2 Your school's homepage on School Gate will have a forum for discussions and interaction with the public. There will also be a school blog, teacher, student and departmental blogs, where each entity can share knowledge and information with both the school and the public.

Q3 Can my school have it's own domain name that points to my school's homepage on School Gate?
A3 As part of our planned upgrade, each school can have a domain name that is directed to your school's homepage on School Gate.

Q4 Does my school have to host my school's homepage?
A4 No, your school will not need to host anything at all, everything is hosted by School Gate.

Q5 Will my school's data be secure?
A5 Because School Gate site is hosted in the cloud with tight security, you can be assured that your school's data is secured. In addition, each student, teacher, department, guardian, and the school administrator, have separate login with secure password, and can only access limited amount of data.

Q6 Do I have to be on line all the time to manage my school, how about bulk uploads?
A6 A n important feature of School Gate is that, you can prepare your school's data, like student information, teacher information, student marks, while offline, and then upload the data in bulk. It saves time, gives you the possibility to crosscheck the data many times before uploading.

Q7 How about messaging in the School Gate system.
A7 School Gate has a very advanced messaging system, whereby the school administrator can send messages to all or only specific, heads of departments, students, teachers, parents/guardians, activity managers. Messages can be exchanged between heads of departments, students, teachers, parents/guardians, activity managers.

Q8 How can guardians/parents collaborate with teachers and follow up on the progress of a student?
A8 School Gate has a unique feature outside of the advanced messaging system, specifically made for communication between a teacher in charge of a class and the parents/guardians of a student, regarding the progress and development of each student. For each student, there is a development plan; the teacher adds entries to this plan; the student's parents/guardians can view the entries and add comments; the teacher can of course also add comments.

Q9 How can parents/guardians communicate?
A9 Each student's parents/guardians have access to contact information about the parents/guardians of all the students in the student's class: email, address, phone numbers, and this access is secure.