About Us

You are reading this because you are interested in school management software, either for your school, or on behalf of somebody else. No matter for whom, or why you are here, you have come to the right place.

One thing you need to know from the onset is that, with School Gate school management system, you do not need to install any software. Because it is web-/Internet-based, you might be wondering if you have to manage a web server with all the challenges involved, like managing backups, but you will not have to do any of that, we do everything for you.

You will manage your school over the Internet, even from your smart phone or tablet PC and we have tailored School Gate for mobile access, so that you can manage your school from anywhere and at anytime.

School Gate comes with an easy-to-use interface, and is full of features needed by the school administrator, the teacher, the student, the parent/guardian, the head of department and the activity manager.

On the School Gate website, your school will have it's own homepage, where the public can see all the courses your school has to offer, and get to know what are the vision and the mission of your school. In addition, more information about your school will be available, and an informative slide show of images; and everybody in your school logs in from your own homepage on the School gate website, to manage their affairs.

Because you already have a school and a lot of information about teachers, students, parents/guardians, don't worry. We have templates for the different types of information for you to download directly from your school administrator page; when you have finished, you can upload them directly, or we can help you do that.

The pricing is also very generous, and you get real value for your money.

Once you sign up for an account, you are up and running in a few minutes.

For more information, take a look at our FAQ page.

Who are we, the people behind School Gate? Well, we thought you might want to know.

Ladi Oyebo is a Computer professional with many years of experience in embedded software for mobile phones, enterprise systems, test management, telephone systems, general IT consultancy, and more.

Abiola Taiwo Oyekunle is a Computer Systems engineer with a lot of good ideas and a passion for innovation

Peter Ntende is Computer Engineering graduate and entrepreneur.

Lene Leth Rasmussen is a User Experience specialist