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A system to manage schools online, without installing anything. Easily register students, teachers, guardians/parents, classrooms, activities, attendance, grades

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Features You Need To Manage Your School

School Administration


Each school has own landing page with blogs and forum, with login facility for students, parents/guardians, teachers, departments. School Admin adds/edits/deletes students, departments, teachers, guardians, activity managers.



Student's profile with blogs and development plans, view attendance and test schedules, timetable and activities, classroom and events, scores. View Assignments, class mate contact information; message exchange with teachers.



Message exchange with other parents/guardians, teachers. Always updated on children's performance by viewing and commenting on children's development plans. Follow up with children's timetables, grades, attendance, extra curricula activities, and classroom activities and events.



Teacher's profile with blogs, uploads notes and creates assignments, marks student attendances, enrolls students in activities, schedules tests and creates class events. Creates consolidated reports, adds new entries to and comments on student follow up. Message exchange with department and school admins, other teachers, students and parents/guardians.

Head Of Department


Department's profile with blog, adds/views student semester scores, follows up with student follow up, schedules tests, departmental events, creates timetable, assigns teachers to subjects and classes, executes upgrade batches. Message exchange with the school admin, other heads of departments, students. Creates consolidated reports for the department.



Every school has multiple extra curricular activities in which the students can enroll. It 's the responsibility of the activity managers to take charge of the successful execution of these activities and the having an update of which students are enrolled.



Easy to use interface to check off your students' daily attendance by period and subject.
View previous student attendance records in calendar format.
Parents can view attendance info at anytime through the parent portal.
Seamlessly integrate attendance data with your report cards.

Fee management


Fee management, tracking invoices and payments is simple and straightforward and efficient.
Create standard charges that you can use time and time again.
See outstanding balances at a glance.
Concession rules for scholarships, rebates, and exemptions from payments, are very easy to create.
Share billing information with parents instantly
You can easily configure how your school receives payments: via Paypal, direct payments and other major payment services providers.


- Towards the Paperless School

Your teachers can create assignments, with attachments, in seconds and share them instantly with relevant students.
Teachers can upload solutions, and students can upload answers.
Both students and teachers can give feedbacks on assignments, all online.
Share instantly with parents via the parent portal.
Your school reduces the amount of papers and goes towards being a paperless school.